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Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Better to have a target and miss than to wander aimlessly. The beauty of a target is it gives us a direction, something to move forthrightly towards.

Did you ever hear the expression that when you set a goal, you pursue the process not the outcome? In other words, the purpose of taking aim towards a target is what we need to revel in and learn from. The outcome has its purposes but it often means we don’t enjoy the journey and too often focus on the destination.

To revel in the process then means to enjoy it, grapple with it, learn from it and this comes with trials, tribulations and frustrations. However I’m yet to have a conversation with a client, a patient or just about anyone I can think of where they haven’t looked back at taking aim and realised it was a thorough and important learning experience in their life.

You can start to take aim at something by thinking of what it is you hope to learn in the coming week, month or year (or whatever period of time you think merits your attention). Try to start with something specific, be direct in what you are wanting and then ask yourself how you can measure it. Lastly ask if you can realistically attain what you’re asking yourself in the timeframe you set for yourself?

To repeat this ask yourself when you set an aim:

  • Is it specific to what I actually want to aim at? Is my being specific meaningful to me?

  • Is it measurable, can I measure it and how do I know I’m measuring it?

  • Is it attainable, can setting the process actually allow me to get there to at least get close to what I aim at?

  • Is it realistic for me right now given my circumstances in life?

  • What is the timeframe I can commence it in and how long will it take to see it through?

The devil is in the details, outline what you need so you can get moving on it with purpose and with some enthusiasm. Life will get in the way of this process, it has a way of doing that - but if you set yourself up knowing that obstacles are a part of the process, you can get back on point.

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