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Over twelve months the A2B Personnel team have worked to create an Australian first specifically designed Health and Wellbeing Program.

Our Health & Wellbeing program has taken all the things our team have loved about their own HWB journey and combined these to create a culturally specific App and Educational Program, that will ensure our participants check, address, monitor, improve and maintain their Healthy Mind & Body with our complete and ongoing support.

Dr Troy Walker is a Chiropractor with a Masters in Nutrition, specialising in Indigenous Health and continues his research in this area with both Deakin University. He is a wealth of knowledge that our participants will benefit incredibly from. With thorough health screening, education and mentoring, candidates will emerge with a new outlook on their Health & Wellbeing as it pertains to both work and life in general.

Associate Health & Wellbeing facilitator Tyler Cubby has a Certificate IV in Mental health, which perfectly compliments our program and the knowledge and support Tyler provides our clients with.

Our Health & Wellbeing App was created to encourage candidates to regularly check in with their own Health. The App alerts the A2B HWB team when anyone requires and extra wellbeing call from our team, so we can assist with any concerns or mental health triggers. All very beneficial when navigating the workforce, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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Dr Troy Walker

 Melanie Micalizzi

Luke Livingston | OCC Services Pty Ltd | Melbourne
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Sally Miller | OCC Services

Luke Livingston

David McMahon

Sally McMahon

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