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Aboriginal Artist John Patten created a bespoke piece of art to represent the A2B Personnel recruitment opportunity and the cycle of creating it, just as one would find around all of us in nature.

John Patten is an educator, writer, illustrator, film-maker and designer.

Hailing from Far Northern NSW,  John is a Bundjalung/Yorta Yorta man on his father’s side, and a descendant of First Fleet convicts, Irish rebels and the Saami people of Lapland via his mother.


Steeped in the history and living cultures of his people, John is an educator and artist who
takes great joy in sharing knowledge as well as learning from others. “I’ve an absolute thirst
for history. I live and breathe it. If I find myself with any amount of spare time I’ll either
be found in my library doing research, or outside in my backyard, carving traditional tools
and weapons until late into the evening.”


An aspiring author, playwright and jack of all trades, John holds qualifications in business
management, graphic design, education, genealogy and information technology.

Original artwork

The design represents opportunity and the cycle of creating it, just as one would find around all of us in nature, where a tree falls, another takes it places, seeds are planted and it all begins again.


The tree is designed so as to represent important work, hence the dendroglyph design on the side of the tree, which is a marker to show that important tribal business is underway, or has taken place.


The tree's roots are shown, strong and as important as its flourishing branches and leaves.

The overall design is presented using traditional eastern Australian motifs, found in traditional art throughout NSW, VIC, parts of SA and S.E Queensland. Geometric, rather dots.

John Patten

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