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HEALTH & WELLBEING : Personality traits series #4 AGREEABLENESS

Agreeableness generally coincides with warmth, comfort and making others feel at ease in their ideas. Agreeable people tend to be kind, accommodating and understanding and this trait can be great in the cooperative working sense.

The trait breaks down into two key aspects of compassion and politeness. Both necessary cogs in the business wheel, but not without their downsides. If we consider agreeableness as weighing others interests in favour of your own, it can lead to employee resentment, which could then manifest as poorer working abilities.

Additionally, the agreeable person is less likely to negotiate on their own behalf, so they will settle for less (be it less money, less shifts or less confrontation). As a result, they might be targets for exploitation by other staff, their bosses, or the people they work with which is clearly not the ideal situation for them.

However, agreeable people are also interested in other people's problems and can help empathise with them as well as support them because they are giving of their own time for others. They do quite a lot of emotional troubleshooting but the overly agreeable person will need some checking in with because they can put others first excessively and to the detriment of themselves due to their higher than average compassionate aspects. They may be sensitive to feeling inferior in the presence of others and lack the confidence of the extravert. However, they are great to have in your corner when you need someone genuinely able to help support you and they become a very important person in helping others.

Yours in great health, 

Dr Troy

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