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Daily Gratitude Diary

By simply jotting down two positive things, statements or occurrences that happened to you in your day on three chosen days in your week, you can start to build a healthy lifestyle habit that will have you noticing more and more positives in your days!

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Wholegrains vs Refined Grains

What makes them different and why does it even matter? Check out our Fact Sheet for all the detail.

Friends in Nature

Personality Traits Series - Article One

Personality are all the unique features of individuals and how they have characteristic ways of thinking, being and doing in the world. A small – but critically important – set of personality traits are referred to as ‘the big five’.  


Personality Traits Series - Article Two : Openness to Experience

Openness to experience is a personality trait that demonstrates a combination of general curiosity and also appreciation for a variety of things. 

Couple at an Event

Personality Traits Series - Article Three : Extraversion

Those who are extraverted gain and gather their energies from being around others. In the business and social setting, it often has much success tied to it. Extraverts like to interact with others, often be at the centre of attention and story-telling and typically have aspects of both enthusiasm as well as assertiveness.

Fist Pound

Personality Traits Series - Article Four : Agreeableness

Agreeableness generally coincides with warmth, comfort and making others feel at ease in their ideas. Agreeable people tend to be kind, accommodating and understanding and this trait can be great in the cooperative working sense.

In Negotiation

Personality Traits Series - Article Five : Neuroticism

Neuroticism denotes a tendency to experience high levels of negative emotion. This also coincides with psychological distress and anxiety in people. The two most common aspects associated with neurotic people is volatility and withdrawal. 

Support Group Session

Empathy: Understanding the person in front of you

We’ve been through some insightful learning experiences here at A2B over these past few weeks. One of the largest lessons that our weekly team meetings have taught us, is doing our utmost to understand what the other person is experiencing from their own reference point.

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